A Letter to My 2 Year Old


My little Reese, my little bird, today (Guam time) you are 2! It’s been a magical two years with you, for your dad and I. Watching you grow has been indescribable!

You’ve spent the majority of your life here on the island, growing up at the beach and in the water, soaking up and observing everything around you. It’s here that you learned to crawl, stand, walk and talk. I wish these days would never end. 

Laughter is not something we are ever lacking when we are around you. You may be small, but your personality is huge. Every single day you surprise us with something new that you’ve learned.

Your whole family loves you so much and misses you dearly. There’s nothing we all wouldn’t do for you. Watching you absorb the world around you like a sponge has been extraordinary to watch. 

I hope that as you grow, you always remember how special you are. I hope that you remain kind and true to your heart. I promise to always love you and listen to you.

In the words of Andy Bernard- “I wish there was a way to know you're in "the good old days, before you've actually left them.”

But for your dad and I, these are the good old days. And we can’t wait to have more of them with you.

To infinity and beyond, buttercup!


your mom and dad