I wish we had found Lexi sooner! Our experience was absolutely amazing. I would recommend a million times over, if your kid doesn’t have good sleep habits and you’re exhausted, let Lexi help you! We will be forever grateful for Lexi’s help!
— mama of 2.5 yr old boy/ girl twins
After a little over a week he was sleeping 11 hours at night and 2 hour naps during the day! It was amazing. We are all so happy with the outcome and Lexi was patient and responsive always when I needed her. I would highly recommend them for your troubled-sleeping toddler needs.
— mama of a 24 month old
By night 7, I felt like a brand new women, this mama slept more than 3 hours straight. I SLEPT 7 HOURS STRAIGHT!! I owe it all to Lexi and her patience with helping me during this period. I could not have asked for a more educated, compassionate, caring person to help our family. Thank you Lexi for all you did and making my life so much easier and happier. I feel like a more confident mother knowing my baby is getting the healthy sleep she needs and deserves.
— mama of a 13 month old
Lexi was so easy to work with!
— mama of an almost 3 year old
We had no clue what to do or how to change his sleeping habits until we got in touch with Lexi! She was able to bring light to a situation we didn’t understand and gave us a plan to correct his sleeping habits. There were things in her plan that didn’t seem like they would produce the results that occurred but to our surprise everything would change. Within one week of starting her plan and sticking to it, our little boy is sleeping through the night and telling us its time for night night at 8pm on the dot. His naps are like clockwork and the bottle is gone! Alexia and I are getting full nights of sleep and the overall quality of our sons day seems to be much better. We can’t thank Little Bird Sleep Consulting enough for the expertise, close attention to our sons needs and being able to identify the changes that were necessary for us to to receive the results that we wanted. Thank you so much Lexi!!!
— father of an 18 month old
My son slept from 7 pm to 6:48 today!!
I just want to thank you for everything I’m so happy I won your contest and got to work with you. I know it’s impossible to fix every sleeping issue in 3 days but your help and support definitely gave me the confidence to keep on working at it. Thank you for always responding so quickly to every question I had, you were so professional and helpful. I think the earlier bedtime definitely helped and I will continue to do it and continue to work on naps.
— mama of a 5 month old little boy