Thank you for visiting Little Bird Sleep Consulting, my name is Lexi and I am a certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant certified through the Family Sleep Institute, with additional training in lactation management and SIDS prevention. I am also a mommy to a little girl, a dog mom, military wife and former zookeeper. I am currently living an overseas adventure with my family on the small island of Guam until we return home to sunny southern California at the end of 2019. I service families worldwide!

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While pregnant with my little bird, I took several recommended classes that were offered at the hospital I was delivering at to help prepare for baby, but weeks after having my daughter I quickly realized no one teaches you about baby sleep! After doing tons of research, reading many books, and giving my daughter some guidance, we began building her a foundation for healthy sleep habits, and she still continues those sleep habits today. I found myself sharing my recent knowledge with friends and fellow parents and learned I had a passion for baby sleep! Sleep seems to be the most overlooked need when it comes to parenting, my goal is to use my passion to help others create healthy sleep habits for their little ones. I am excited to work with your family!


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