Recommended Baby Sleep Essentials

Below are my 5 recommended sleep essentials for setting your baby up with positive sleep habits from the get go! Click any of the pictures or titles below.

Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle

I absolutely love the halo sleep sack swaddle. This product zips up the center and has a velcro swaddle feature. It also comes in cotton and fleece which makes it great for any climate.



Halo Sleep Sack

Similar to the sleep sack swaddle, the non swaddle version is an ideal replacement for a blanket, especially during the ages when its not yet considered safe for your child to sleep with a blanket. Even after your child is comfortable sleeping with a blanket, many people opt to use sleep sacks because unlike a blanket, they actually stay on your child as they toss and turn overnight and can be used for kids from 10-36lbs. This can also be great for kids who attempt to climb out of their crib.


white noise machine

Most white noise machines will do the trick, this specific white noise machine is what we used and continue to use. The features I would look for in a white noise machine are the ability to plug it into an outlet and also operate with batteries. This feature is great for travel. Most importantly, you need a white noise machine that actually plays white noise-like sounds, music is stimulating for children rather than soothing. We have a timer setting on our machine but do not utilize this feature. We want baby to smoothly transition through sleep cycles rather than be awoken by sudden silence, so a timer is not necessary. We enjoy hearing our white noise through the baby monitor so much so that my husband says he misses it when he’s away on work trips! We all sleep better with white noise!


safe sleep space

We want to make sure baby has a safe sleep space, whether it be their crib, a bassinet or pack and play. We used this Chicco bassinet until we felt comfortable putting our daughter in her crib.


Light filtering curtains

I recommend getting your little one a pair of light filtering curtains. Melatonin regulates our sleep cycles, and darkness promotes melatonin production resulting in better sleep!