Using healthy sleep methods to help your child and family achieve restorative sleep

▪Services catering to expectant parents, and ages newborn to age 5▪


Expectant parents,NEWBORNs-up to 4 MoNTHs

The transition to life outside the womb, can be very difficult for both baby and family. During these first 4 months, your baby is busy adjusting to life outside the womb. Trying to decipher the needs of a newborn can be an extremely difficult adjustment. With healthy sleep comes a multitude of positive outcomes, by providing your baby with predictability and routine, we can achieve better sleep.

4 months-12 months

During this time your little one is experiencing tremendous cognitive and physical growth! There are visible day to day changes. During these months your baby will be working on or has accomplished sitting up, crawling, some communication and walking.  Your child has established circadian rhythms and patterns, however, with new found cognitive growth often comes some difficulties. Together, we will work on common sleep struggles and create a sleep plan that works best for your family.


toddlers- age 5

I'm sure you're wondering how your tiny person became so big! With growing "big" comes new awareness, boundaries and challenges. Your child has their own personality, temperament and preferences. Every parent prefers their child to be well rested and happy and understanding your little ones sleep can be a science. My job is to help guide your child and family to a path of healthy sleep!

 Common struggles that I can help with: going to sleep independently, curbing unnecessary or non-nutritional night wakings, establishing developmentally appropriate nap times, nap transitions, going to sleep and staying asleep, extending night sleep, sleep associations, creating a positive sleep environment, reading sleep cues, transitioning from crib to bed and more!

I do not charge more for families with multiples.

As a parent, I understand that every family is unique. My goal is to be as accommodating of that as possible, while helping your family achieve better sleep!




We all love baby cuddles, but sometimes we just need a minute! Everyone is happier when they are well rested and cared for. Our goal is to put baby down to sleep while drowsy, wish them sweet dreams as they contently fall asleep! Spend time after your child is asleep catching up on you time!


achieve consistent age appropriate naps 

A child who hasn't napped is another entity! Lets fix those naps in order to achieve better night sleep. Naps and night time sleep work together. 


curb night time wakings

Interrupted night sleep can make for a very tough next day... or in reality, sometimes tough days or weeks. Your child is capable of sleeping 10-12 hours a night and benefits from solid, unbroken night sleep. Whether it be habit, teething, protesting, sleep regression, let's work on pinpointing the source of night wake ups, and overcome them!


establishing a sleep routine= better day to day life

The results of establishing healthy sleep habits with your child are invaluable!


No matter where you are in the world, I will work with you to create healthy sleep habits for your child.




I wish we had found Lexi sooner! Our experience was absolutely amazing. I would recommend a million times over, if your kid doesn’t have good sleep habits and you’re exhausted, let Lexi help you! We will be forever grateful for Lexi’s help!
— mama of 2.5 yr old boy/ girl twins
After a little over a week he was sleeping 11 hours at night and 2 hour naps during the day! It was amazing. We are all so happy with the outcome and Lexi was patient and responsive always when I needed her. I would highly recommend them for your troubled-sleeping toddler needs.
— mama of a 24 month old
By night 7, I felt like a brand new women, this mama slept more than 3 hours straight. I SLEPT 7 HOURS STRAIGHT!! I owe it all to Lexi and her patience with helping me during this period. I could not have asked for a more educated, compassionate, caring person to help our family. Thank you Lexi for all you did and making my life so much easier and happier. I feel like a more confident mother knowing my baby is getting the healthy sleep she needs and deserves.
— mama of a 13 month old
Lexi was so easy to work with!
— mama of an almost 3 year old

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