Expectant Parents, Newborn-4 Months

During these first 4 months, your baby is busy adjusting to life outside the womb. Trying to decipher the needs of a newborn can be an extremely difficult adjustment. With a healthy sleep foundation, comes a multitude of positive outcomes.

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The Newborn Nest

Note: This is not sleep training. Sleep training is not recommended for children under 4 months of age.

I have done the homework for you. In this guidebook, I have compiled the facts that YOU need to know as the parent, to set your child up with healthy sleep habits from the get go.

“During my time working with families as a child sleep consultant, caring for my own family, and having read all of the popular sleep books, I have learned the ins and outs of every sleep method under the sun and have seen what works and what doesn’t work. Every family is unique, no two dynamics are the same and what works for one family might not work for another. What I do know, is that it’s not advised to do any formal sleep training with a child under 4 months of age, they’re simply not capable. So what does this mean for parents of children under 4 months? Rather than living in a chronically sleep-deprived state, providing your infant with a healthy routine and consistency can naturally extend night sleep.”

What’s included:

  • keys to naturally extending night sleep

  • soothing methods for your newborn/infant

  • sample schedules/routines

  • recommended essentials for promoting healthy sleep from the beginning

  • what to expect beyond 4 months, up to age 5


You might need this guidebook if…

  • you are an expectant parent or new parent

  • you’re looking to create a great relationship between your child and sleep, whether this is your first or fifth child.

  • you like sleep!

  • don’t have the time or patience to read an entire book on baby sleep

  • you prefer a short guide to utilize as needed

  • this is not your first kid and you are looking to improve things this time around

This guide book is multiples friendly